Worcester Judo Club

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Mark, 1st Dan and Level 2 Coach, boasts an impressive 40-year journey in the world of Judo. Throughout his extensive tenure, Mark has not only practiced Judo diligently but has also earned a place among the top 10 Judokas in Britain, showcasing his remarkable skill and dedication to the art.

In his formative years, Mark dedicated himself to full-time training at the renowned Kendall Judo Centre, laying the foundation for the expertise he would later bring to the Worcester Judo Club. His dedication to ongoing learning and personal development has consistently been apparent throughout his journey, playing a crucial role in establishing his esteemed reputation within the Judo community.

A steadfast member of the Worcester Judo Club from the onset, Mark has woven his experiences and knowledge into the fabric of the club. Now, as the Head Coach, he leads with a wealth of experience, providing invaluable guidance to students at all levels. Mark’s leadership is characterised by a deep understanding of the sport, honed through decades of dedicated practice and continuous involvement.

As the Head Coach, Mark not only imparts technical proficiency but also fosters a culture of passion and commitment within the Worcester Judo Club. His journey, marked by years of practice, dedication, and recognition, stands as a testament to the enduring nature of Judo and its ability to shape and empower individuals over the course of a lifetime.


Senior Coach & Grading Officer

Gareth, a distinguished judoka holding the esteemed rank of 3rd Dan and a Level 2 coach, commenced his remarkable Judo journey over 30 years ago as a child at Worcester Judo Club. His enduring dedication and unwavering passion for the sport have propelled him to achieve remarkable milestones.

A cornerstone of Worcester Judo Club, Gareth has proudly represented the club throughout his extensive judo career. His commitment to excellence extends from his formative junior years to his current standing as a seasoned senior competitor. Gareth’s active participation in numerous competitions, both at the Area and National Levels, stands as a testament to his prowess on the mat and his unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Gareth’s story encapsulates the profound connection he has cultivated with Judo over the decades. From his humble beginnings as a child at Worcester Judo Club to his present status as a 3rd Dan judoka and Level 2 coach, Gareth’s journey exemplifies the values of commitment, perseverance, and an enduring love for the martial art that has defined his life for over three decades. Currently, he is further enhancing his expertise by training to become a senior examiner, showcasing his ongoing dedication to the growth and development of Judo within the community.

Joe Munford


Joe is a 1st Dan level 2 coach.  Joe has been coaching for 10 years, joining WJC in May 2018.  Joe began Judo 19 years
ago at Bath University under Roy Inman and Mike Callan before continuing with
his local club at Vale Judo. He helped to grow Vale into one of the largest clubs in the East Midlands, running school programmes as well as volunteering at the club.

Ben day


Ben, 1st Dan and Level 1 coach, commenced his Judo journey at the age of 6. Throughout his formative years in the sport, he actively participated in every competition, showcasing his skills at both local and national levels. 

Transitioning from being a dedicated judoka to an assistant coach, Ben found joy in sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring athletes. In a pivotal move in 2022, Ben solidified his coaching role by qualifying as a Level 1 coach. This achievement marked a new chapter in his journey, allowing him to contribute more profoundly to the development of judo Students under his guidance.

Beyond the realm of Judo, Ben’s commitment to holistic well-being is evident. As a personal trainer, he extends his expertise beyond the confines of the judo mat, guiding individuals in their pursuit of overall fitness and health. Simultaneously, he is currently immersed in training as a sports therapist, expanding his skill set to address the intricate needs of athletes in their physical well-being.




Sheena’s Judo journey is a tale of enduring dedication and remarkable achievements spanning numerous years. Integral to the Worcester Judo Club, she earned prestigious spots on the British Schools Judo and British Judo Cadets teams at just 15, showcasing exceptional talent and commitment. Throughout her career, Sheena actively participated in national and international competitions, achieving victory in the British Closed Championships at 17. Her prowess extended globally, contributing to a team bronze in the 1995 World Schools Junior Judo Championships.Now coaching at the Worcester Judo Club as a 1st Dan level 1 coach, Sheena brings not only personal accomplishments but also a profound understanding of the sport and a fervor for nurturing the next generation. Her wealth of experience and achievements serves as an inspiration to both seasoned practitioners and aspiring enthusiasts, underlining the enduring spirit of Judo and its profound impact on dedicated individuals.



Dan, a seasoned martial artist at the First Kyu level, is an accomplished level one coach in our community. Bringing a diverse background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Dan offers a wealth of experience and expertise.With years of experience in security, Dan has honed his skills in the practical application of martial arts for self-defense, providing valuable real-world insights. As a dedicated level one coach, he focuses on sharing his knowledge with students, emphasizing the development of a strong foundation in martial arts techniques, strategy, and discipline. Dan’s martial arts journey is marked by a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. 

Rhys davies


A dedicated judoka, Rhys embarked on his Judo journey under Eddie Awford’s guidance (1995-1998) before seamlessly transitioning into academics at Birmingham University (1998-2001). Life briefly paused for marriage and parenting, but Rhys’s Judo flame endured. In May 2022, Rhys triumphantly returned to Judo at Worcester Judo Club, becoming a Level 1 Coach in 2023 and holding the 1st Kyu rank. Reflecting a commitment to growth and a love for Judo’s evolution, Rhys embodies the enduring spirit of enthusiasts. His journey symbolises the excitement for Judo’s resurgence, particularly for master-age players. As a coach, Rhys offers a unique blend of experience, passion, and a profound understanding of Judo’s transformative power, inspiring the next generation. Currently competing for his 1st Dan, Rhys disproves age and condition barriers, showcasing that it’s never too late to rekindle one’s Judo journey and push forward.

Kerry maginess-roberts

trainee coach

Kerry, a 3rd Kyu in Judo, is actively building coaching experience with the goal of joining the coaching team. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in the support team, contributing to the smooth functioning of the Judo club. Kerry’s commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident as he actively participates in classes, guiding fellow students and refining his coaching skills. With a holistic approach to martial arts involvement, Kerry’s multifaceted contributions highlight his passion, dedication, and potential to make a lasting impact on both the coaching team and the broader Judo community.


jacob payne-lunn

trainee coach

Jacob, a 1st Kyu in Judo, is actively building coaching experience to join the coaching team. Passionate about Judo, he assists in classes, guiding beginners and refining his teaching skills. Concurrently, Jacob is dedicated to achieving his 1st Dan, showcasing his commitment to personal growth and mastery of the art. His journey inspires others, and with his passion and ongoing dedication, Jacob is poised to make valuable contributions to the Judo community as both a coach and a student.